We are the UK's largest supplier of British tomatoes to the high street, responsible for approximately 30% of total UK production

The APS Group grows and supplies tomatoes and other produce to UK multiple retailers


We are a family owned and operated business with strong family values

We have been growing for over 65 years and are passionate about tomatoes

Our glasshouses produce around 500 million tomatoes per year ranging from cherry to beefsteak

Alongside our conventional hydroponic tomatoes we are also the largest soil grown organic producer in the UK


Specialising in the production and supply of top quality tomatoes grown in the most sustainable way possible, APS is a genuinely innovative and forward thinking business


We plant over 2.2 million tomato plants every season

We grow more than 65 seed varieties under 56.4 hectares of glass (equivalent to around 120 football pitches)

We harvest over
20,000 tonnes of tomatoes every year

We supply over 211,500 mWh of electricity annually to the National Grid, which powers over 200,000 homes

We employ over
750 people across
our 7 sites


A. Pearson & Sons was founded in 1949 in Alderley Edge, Cheshire. Since then the business has expanded to five locations and the APS Group now includes 141 acres of glasshouse and 103,000 square feet of packing facilities in Cheshire, Kent, Isle of Wight, Chichester and the North East.


Our values



Quality and expertise

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We are passionate about tomatoes, constantly working to exceed customer and consumer expectations regarding flavour and quality

Leading the way

As industry leaders we are constantly investing, innovating and developing in people, growing and technology

Family values  

We strive to ensure every employee feels part of the APS family and encourage progression and development in all our staff





A Pearson & Sons Tomato
Growers are formed


Our first retail customer takes delivery of Cheshire grown tomatoes


First UK grower to introduce CHP & C02 extraction for the growing of tomatoes

First UK grower to import Polish tomatoes for sale in UK retail

APS Salads Ltd is formed

18,000 sq ft packing facility opened in Middlewich

Middlewich site capacity increased by 100%

First tomato grower in the world to have a fully closed loop Anaerobic Digestion system

UK growing capacity expanded by over 100%

Acquisition of Europa Nurseries, Kent 6.7 hectares with planning for a further 11.3 hectares


Commenced building 5.7 hectares of glasshouses at Europa  Nurseries, Kent

5.7 hectares now in production with an industry leading 15 mWe Combined Heat and Power Plant

3.3 mWe Combined Heat and Power Plant installed at Alderley Edge site

Acquisition of Wight Salads Ltd - 26.3 hectares of glasshouses on the Isle of Wight and a packing facility at Chichester

Industry leading LED lighting technology installed on the Isle of Wight

Acqusition of Tees Valley Nurseries and Branfield Nursery from North Bank Growers

22 mWe Combined Heat and Power Plant installed on the Isle of Wight

6.6 mWe Combined Heat and Power Plant at Tees Valley


3.3mWe combined Heat and power plant
APS milestone 2017

3.3mWe combined Heat and power plant at Branfield Nursery

APS milestone the future